Astrid Interior Design offer a one-stop shop solution to both domestic residential and commercial clients.

With different design packages to suit every budget along with access to other services to complement your project, we’re confident we can deliver a bespoke interior design solution to create the home of your dreams.

We mix products and furniture sourced from designer brands, the high street, bespoke commissions and one-off finds to create a unique look for you. We use our professional eye and experience to bring a whole new perspective and individual ideas to your project.

Transform your space into one you’ll love which speaks volumes about you with Astrid Interior Design

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Just 3 meters wide by 6 meters long and 3.6 meters high, the client wanted an industrial style living room with a Scandinavian vibe. The budget was small but we were inspired by the prospect of turning that plain white rectangle into a comfortable stylish room full of character.

Using grey wood effect laminate, installing new column radiators, applying 3d effect wallpaper and creating a wider opening with sliding doors to link the kitchen, the room was instantly transformed.

The bespoke high dining table was made from plumber pipes with a magnificent massive live edge slab for the top. The furniture was sourced mainly from the United Kingdom with a few pieces from France.


This loft was originally a storage area without a ceiling, solid floor or any cabinets.

The objective was to create a safe, welcoming loft that would combine a small playroom for the kids with well-organised storage. For technical and budget reasons the lateral beam had to remain in place. The room was divided in two with the areas separated with a door. A round opening was designed for their cat but it turns out the kids are the ones enjoying it the most!

The whole project including the design, flooring, ceiling, paint, carpentry, sourcing of material and furniture, labour and project management was undertaken by Astrid and her team.


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